Q. Is there a fee/admission? 

A. $5 Charitable Donation. Entrance to the park is free but donations are appreciated as this is a fundraising event for The Sergei Foundation charity to help sick and injured pets.  Donations and pledges can be made at The Sergei Foundation tent and all event areas. Each dog sport activity is run by a separate vendor and there would be additional charges to enter or compete, from $5-$25 depending on the event.  

Q. I have never done this before and neither has my dog. Can I compete?

A. Yes. Beginners may sign up for all events! Each event is run by a professional organization and event schedules and registrations will be available as each provides to us. Check the events page for details.  

Q. Do I have to sign up/pre-register to enter my dog to compete? 

A. No. However, only PRE-REGISTERED competitors will be allowed into the event prior to starting times to set up a tent in the designated competitors area. Also, it is not guaranteed that space will be available for on-site sign up in the competition you are looking for. It's best to pre-register via our events page as it becomes available.  

Q. Can I take photos? 

A. Yes with conditions. Photos are allowed on cell phones and non-professional cameras.  If you want to take professional photos, please pay $100 for a vendor fee online (mark "photographer" as special note under the One Time Donation button). Or, you can pay the day-of at the Sergei Tent. In both cases, you will be given a pass at that tent to wear around your neck. Please know otherwise it's not fair to our vendors who have paid to make money.  All vendor fees go to The Sergei Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit and it is how we fundraise from this event. 


Q. Will an ATM be available?

A. No. Please visit your bank or ATM prior.   


Q. What if it rains? 

A. This is a rain or shine event.  Most competitions still compete in the rain and/or may just delay. Flyball is an indoor event and is air-conditioned. 


Q. Can I bring my dog if I'm not competing?  

A. Yes. All dogs at the park must be on a 6' leash and have rabies tags or proof of vaccination upon request. Please know the public beach has access just across the road, and dogs at this time of year may be on the beach without a leash! 

Do you have other questions? Please reach out to us via our contact form
. Thank you!